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Farbe im Gesicht
Farben und Pinsel

It's me

A man in his late 50s by nature calm and humorous, greedy for knowledge, very talented with my hands (customers claim I have golden hands and my mother says "my Alex can do everything") and open to new things.

my story

I was born on September 18, 1963 in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Republic of Kazakhstan, former city of the USSR. I spent my childhood and youth there, completed my 10-year school education and a 3-year degree as an agricultural machinery mechanic.

Already as a child I was interested in art and attended some studies,

After my marriage and moving to Kyrgyzstan in 1987, I had to put my artistic work on hold. Hard times followed, building houses and not exactly easy work in the kolkhoz. The collapse of the Soviet Union forced us to sell our house and emigrate to Germany with the whole family in 1991.

We have integrated well in Germany, we have built a new house for the whole family, in which four generations now live. It was not easy for me to start all over again, but I made it and now I have more time for my passion.

I have now set up my website called to sell my work and also advertise my new property on the Canary Island of Tenerife, which I rent out to tourists when I'm not there. It is a beautiful and diverse archipelago, which inspires me again and again to create new works. I am happy if you find what you are looking for here, be it my works or your next holiday in Tenerife.

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